Japan Rail Pass
Japan Rail Pass
Japan Rail Pass
Japan Rail Pass
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Japan Rail Pass

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JR Pass is the cheapest and most comfortable way to explore Japan. The Full Japan Rail Pass is valid for the regional, inter-city and high-speed trains as well as buses and boats that are part of JR company.

How it works

Once you buy the JRP, we will send you JR Pass voucher by the courier. When you arrive to Japan, you have to exchange this voucher for the Japan Rail Pass ticket. See the list of the exchange points. After that, you can travel as much as you want.

Who can use the JR Pass?

Every foreigner traveling to Japan as a tourist can buy and use the Japan Rail Pass if they have the temporary visitor status.

Once you arrive to Japan, you have to choose the "stay for sight-seeing" and the entry personnel will stamp your passport with "temporary visitor". Please note that if using the automated gate at the airport, you won't get the temporary visitor stamp. In this case you have to ask a clerk for the stamp, or use the manned gate.

A customer who has a "registered user card" under the Trusted Traveler Program will be required to show the card to confirm the "temporary visitor" status.

What trains can I use?

All trains within the Japan except the Nozomi and Mizuho Shinkansen. Buses and boats that are owned by the JR company.

Green Pass (First Class)

Both standard JR Pass and Green pass allow you to use the same trains, but the Green Pass enables you to travel in the 1st class which has the following benefits:

  • Larger and reclining seats up to 40º, with footrests and more space between seats.

  • Insured seat. In the high season it is advisable to buy the Green Pass.

  • Audio equipment in the seat.

  • More space for your luggage.

  • Hot towel and drink on the JR Hokkaido line as well as larger windows.

  • Certain JRs have a smoking area in the Green Cars. (N700 Series)

  • Private compartments on certain Limited Express trains.

Japan Rail Pass Map

Seat reservation

We recommend to reserve the seat during the high season. You can do it either on the JR office or you can buy the Green Pass (First Class).

Frequent Questions

What is the JR company?  
JR or Japan Railways is a group of transport companies located in Japan. In addition to local trains and Shinkansen (Bullet Train), it also has a network of buses, monorails and ferries. 

What are the differences between the pass I buy and the pass I redeem in Japan?
The pass that you receive is just a voucher to redeem at the JR offices. It cannot be used to travel until it is redeemed. It is not necessary to exchange the pass for the same day, if you wish, you can go to the office and tell them that you are going to start using it on the date you want, they will mark your pass with the start date and from that day you can use it. 

Do I have to buy the pass within 3 months until my trip to Japan?
Yes, the maximum purchase date of the JR Pass is 3 months before the date of use. You can buy it until 24 hours before your trip always taking in consideration the time it may take to send it to your place of reception. 

Can I reserve a seat with the standard pass, or do I need the Green Pass?  
Yes, except on certain trains. The Green Pass gives you access to Green cars with their respective privileges. 

Is the pass I receive at home valid for travel? 
No, you will have to change the document received at your place of reception in one of the JR offices