Japan’s traditional dishes

If we’re talking about typical Japanese dishes, we also have to talk about their origin. In spite of being an adaptation of Chinese gastronomy, it is not necessary to detract from Japan and it is necessary to emphasize that the Japanese kitchen found its way, its inspiration and development a wide variety of plates that were far from the influence of the neighboring country.

There is no doubt that one of the great attractions of Japan is its gastronomy. The gastronomic journey that this archipelago can offer is special and cannot be simplified in sushi and ramen. There is a wide variety of food to discover.


Although it is the “most international” dish, it is not the only one. The sushi has a base of rice, vinegar of rice, wine of rice, sugar and salt and usually is accompanied with fish. Although there are options with vegetables or tortillas.

Sushi has variations, different names, which will change according to the way sushi is presented: Maki, Nigiri and Oshi are the three best known presentations and each of them has variations creating many more names.

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Another dish with an ingredient in common with sushi: rice. The Onigiri is a rice ball filled and closed with a nori seaweed. Formerly the Onigiri was stuffed with salmon, tuna or kombu but over the years this has evolved and today you can find different types of fillings. You can order almost to taste.


It stands out for being a compound dish and having a variety of foods. It is served in a tray with different sections in which you will have: rice, a source of protein that could be meat or fish and different side dishes (salad or sushi).


It is very common to find takoyakis in the street food stalls. They are balls made of wheat flour and octopus that are served with different sauces and dressings that make them taste very explosive. The best place to try one of these is in the Kansai region.

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Miso soup

A hot dish and also the typical Japanese dish. It is a traditional dish and rooted in the culinary culture.

This dish is composed of miso (which is a fermented soybean), sea salt and fermented Koji grains. Usually this dough is added dices of tofu, wakame and leek or chive cut into small pieces. Any vegetable will be welcome in this soup.


Any dish prepared from this Japanese noodle is typical in Japan. The difference of this noodle with others is that the diameters of it is between 6 and 8 mm.

Ramen is one of the best-known dishes in Japanese gastronomy

Especially you will find these noodles in the form of soup. They are usually served in a miso base and over it are added different condiments: egg, fish, meat, vegetables, etc. This you can request to taste.

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