Christmas in Japan

Christmas in Japan (known as kurisumasu; クリスマス) is an extravagant and exciting affair full of many unique and fun things. Amongst the Japanese version of a Christmas dinner and the romantic atmosphere, Christmas is a lovely time of year to encounter in Japan. Differences to western Christmas The most important thing to note about Japanese

Japan by train

Rail travel is one of the most efficient ways of travelling across Japan. Aside from the famous high-speed Shinkansen services, there are also many regional lines connecting cities, prefectures and regions together. Japanese trains may stand out from their efficiency and convenience alone, however there are more features which set them apart from other rail

Travel guide: Tohoku and its prefectures

Tōhoku is the name for the northernmost 6 prefectures of Japan’s main island, Honshū: Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata. It is a region renowned for its natural beauty and rural charm, consisting of hills, mountains, forests, farmland and rugged coastlines.  Because of its northern location, visitors should be aware that Tōhoku is colder

Kōyō: The Japanese Traditions of Autumn Leaves

Koyo (紅葉; colourful leaves) refers to the vibrant colours of leaves in autumn. Across Japan, people can be seen amongst the trees and enjoying their beauty. Although less known as the more famous changing of seasons, Hanami, Koyo is nonetheless still enjoyed by natives and visitors alike. Every year, the koyo front travels south from

Hanami: Cherry blossom in Japan

Hanami (花見), literally meaning ‘flower watching’, is a traditional practise in Japanese culture which occurs annually. It takes place when the many blossom trees of Japan bloom, generally during March, April or May. This ceremony is revered and special to the Japanese people and has been practised for over a millenium.  What is Hanami?  Simply

Japan’s traditional dishes

If we’re talking about typical Japanese dishes, we also have to talk about their origin. In spite of being an adaptation of Chinese gastronomy, it is not necessary to detract from Japan and it is necessary to emphasize that the Japanese kitchen found its way, its inspiration and development a wide variety of plates that

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