Travel guide: Tohoku and its prefectures

Tōhoku is the name for the northernmost 6 prefectures of Japan’s main island, Honshū: Akita, Aomori, Fukushima, Iwate, Miyagi, and Yamagata. It is a region renowned for its natural beauty and rural charm, consisting of hills, mountains, forests, farmland and rugged coastlines.  Because of its northern location, visitors should be aware that Tōhoku is colder

Kōyō: The Japanese Traditions of Autumn Leaves

Koyo (紅葉; colourful leaves) refers to the vibrant colours of leaves in autumn. Across Japan, people can be seen amongst the trees and enjoying their beauty. Although less known as the more famous changing of seasons, Hanami, Koyo is nonetheless still enjoyed by natives and visitors alike. Every year, the koyo front travels south from

Travel guide: What to visit and do in Tokyo?

Tokyo is a sprawling city full of rich history, delicious food and fascinating subcultures. Whether it’s the eclectic fashion styles of Harajuku, the bright lights and manga stores of Akihabara, or the beauty of the Imperial Palace, Tokyo has something for everyone.  Points of Interest  Japan has a long and exciting history; Tokyo is no

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